Sober Living

A sober living home is a designated place for recovering addicts to live. Most are privately owned, but some of these housing establishments are owned by businesses or even charity organizations. These living spaces are typically placed in quiet areas to ensure that its residents have a peaceful space to recover.

Sober living houses should not be thought of as rehab centers. Rehab centers are a more intensive recovery experience that restricts their residents to ensure relapse doesn’t occur. Individuals who stay in sober living houses are free to stay and leave so long as they abide the rules there. Some sober living houses require that residents return at a certain time or maintain day jobs. Sometimes they are also given a random drug testing.

People who check into these kinds of homes are required to act responsibly. It’s a valuable part of rehabilitation because drug dependency tends to make people act in reckless manners and typically their friends and family will enable them. Residents of sober living homes likely need to pay for rent, food and all the other items they would normally need to live on their own. But, they are still responsible for maintaining their sobriety.

Different housing establishments have different rules. All of these rules must be abided and are stated before the person moves in. When a rule is violated, though, residents will usually pay a fine, apologize to the other residents or write and reflect about their violation. For bad offenses, some might be asked to depart from the home.

The number one rule of all sober living homes is that you must stay clean. Drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden. Sometimes, residents are prohibited to use specific types of mouthwash or cook with specific ingredients, like vanilla because it contains alcohol, because they can cause false positives on a drug test.  Because of this, alcohol is sometimes completely banned from the household.

Adding to the rules stated above, it’s not uncommon for those residing in a sober living situation to be required to hold a day job or attend school, aside from the mandatory household chores. They must also refrain from any type of violence or aggressive actions toward anyone, especially other residents. Because of all these things, recovering addicts are much more likely to stay sober when living in a sober living environment.

Most of these types of households do not have restrictions on the types of people who apply to reside there, although most of the residents have experienced some type of rehab treatment before arriving at sober living. This is ideal because professional programs are the best at helping people stay sober, and sobriety is key in a sober living situation.

Although sober living is highly recommended, it’s not always a necessary requirement. Most of these housing programs will accept people who have just begun the rehabilitation process as long as they are dedicated to staying sober and living by house rules. It is usually required that residents detox before entering sober living so that they aren’t suffering from withdrawal as they enter and are able to contribute and live peacefully.

If you or a loved one is fighting an addiction, then sober living might be the best next step to take. These sober living houses are designed to guide residents into staying clean by keeping expectations high while at the same time supporting them in staying sober. By living this way, they can slowly resume living a normal life again. This method of living also allows recovering addicts to gain new support systems through befriending each other.

Although widely successful, sober living houses aren’t for everyone. Some may need professional detox or even treatment before checking into a home in order to maintain sobriety. These homes, however, provide a helpful environment to transition from their lifestyle of substance abuse into a more normal and balanced way of life. By residing in this kind of home, it makes it more likely for those suffering from addiction to stay in recovery for the long term.

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