Types of Drug Detox

Choosing the right drug detox program is an important step toward achieving one’s goals for addiction recovery treatment. Clients need to evaluate several factors, including the withdrawal symptoms they expect to experience, the duration of their substance use disorder, and the care they need during this sensitive, volatile period of recovery. Sometimes, a client may not be sure what type of drug detox program will best assist them in achieving their goals for addiction recovery. When a client contacts our friendly experts, we will get to know your particular situation, thereby providing us with the information we need to help you reach recovery. 

The type of drug detox program that will prove to be most effective in assisting you as you work toward your goals for recovery will vary depending on a number of salient factors. We will consider your substance of choice, your usage habits, your personal experiences, and the goals that you set for your recovery journey. Once we have the details we need, we will be able to assist you in determining which approach to addiction recovery treatment will provide you with the best opportunity for recovery. Get in touch and the benefit of our expertise can be extended to you.


Why choose detox only?

Most people find detox-only programs to be more cost-effective than a lengthy stay in rehab. However, detox-only programs are often a quick-fix for an underlying issue requires a lengthier duration of treatment. Opting out of a medically supervised post-detox rehabilitation and choosing only the detox could ensure recovery stays inexpensive. However, the cost-savings could result in a relapse because of inadequate care.


What determines the length of drug detox?

Various factors go into deciding the duration of drug detox.

The particular drug that was used plays a large factor as certain drugs have a shorter half-life than others, which means some drugs stay in your system longer. For example, heroin can take a week to leave a patient’s system, whereas LSD takes only a few days.

There are also rapid detox programs, in which a patient is given anesthesia, and the toxins are removed in a shorter span of time. When the anesthesia subsides, patients awaken free of physical dependence on the drug.

That being said, mental dependence is another story. It’s important to note that rapid detox is not a possibility for all different types of drug addictions. Although most do, not all drugs have withdrawal collateral effects. For such situations, these short-term detox programs joined by counseling and therapy can be effective.

However, for those seeking lasting recovery, a longer-term detox coupled with drug rehabilitation may be the best solution, as both are geared towards providing a patient the tools and support needed for lasting sobriety.

Find the right drug detox center

If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder and are interested in getting treatment, drug detox is the first step. Call (877) 262-6566 today to speak to one of our specialists to find the best detox for you or a loved one.


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