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Motivation for using drug detox kits usually comes from job seeking, as tons of companies and organizations use drug tests to screen potential employees during the hiring process. This is also true of some schools or sport institutions. Largely, users buy drug detox kits for a quick fix, but they may prove more damaging than detoxifying.  

Each addict has their own set of unique needs, and drug detox kits are simply an inadequate cure. They range from a variety of prices and are informed by different philosophies, many requiring various stringent standards largely not worthwhile. Although there are a wide array of drug detox kits on the market, you can expect an overlapping theme between them: impersonal, ineffective and unsafe. Simply put, addiction is far too complex an issue to be solved with a run-of-the-mill cure.

What is a drug detox kit?

These drug detox kits are usually packaged in pill bottles, and often read “cleanse, total body detox, herbal clean” on the bottles. They’re easy to acquire, being sold at common stores like Walmart, CVS, GNC, health food stores or the Internet. You’ll usually find them as a pill, a liquid, or a combination of both. Kits are available for every drug out there and under any name imaginable. The web has the widest selection of drug detox kits. Web sites such as Global Detox tell you their products can help you pass all drug tests but provide no real information as to how.

The most popular type of drug detox kit is a cleanse for marijuana and THC, which it says can be removed completely in seven days. However, upon further research on marijuana detox, you’ll find that many of these cure-all products are ineffective. As reported in Go Ask Alice!, a site run by Columbia University’s team of health promotion specialists, Marijuana will eventually leave your system (four to six weeks)  and recent research suggests that the compounds contained in these detoxes do nothing to quicken the process. Some kits even contain compounds meant to fool the tests but drug testing labs will check for these specific compounds as well. This fact alone is indicative to the purpose of drug detox kits, which is to pass drug tests but not to get clean. Furthermore, cannabinoid levels and their byproducts in urine (used for drug tests) are known to oscillate over time and so may not show up one day but may show up the next.

Medical detox and detox kits

Detox kits are performed at home usually without guidance, whereas medical detoxes are administered by medical professionals in a rehabilitation center, detox location or hospital. Unlike the detox kit, a medical detox comes with certified staff to tend to your needs during this volatile time. They will regularly check on you for adverse side effects from medication, help you manage your withdrawal symptoms, and keep you as comfortable as possible.
For each according to their need, they will assist you with fluids, nutritional supplements or medication. Medical detoxes are easier ways of going into rehabilitation centers where the patient may enter into an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation center for a complete and sustained sobriety. Detox kits are more for passing a drug test for school or work rather than obtaining sobriety and a new healthy way of life. But even just for drug tests, negative results are not guaranteed.

Drug detox kits can be dangerous

Choosing a drug detox kit over an inpatient drug detox center compromises safety. Simply put, generic drug detox kits don’t account for all the needs of that patient. Addicts often have multiple addictions and simultaneous mental health issues, making their already demanding situation more difficult. Many patients will undergo painful withdrawals symptoms during drug detox. Should a complication occur, the drug detox kit will not be able to help. Complications are very possible as patients will be in highly unstable situations. It’s much wiser to be admitted into a 24-hour-care facility, at least until the rocky detox is over. With at-home detox, relapse is highly likely as there will be no other entity to keep the patient from using again or even from overdose. Even the National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that research has shown psychosis to be a possible side effects of some detox kits.  

Detox from a single substance such as alcohol, benzodiazepine or an opioid is already difficult in a medical environment. Multiple substance addictions such as alcohol and benzodiazepines are especially difficult to handle well with a detox kit. People with multiple physical dependencies on multiple substances should absolutely not try an at-home detox as quitting cold turkey can result in a variety of serious negative effects, some even deadly. For example, detox from an opioid like heroin can include vomiting and result in choking and possible asphyxiation leading to death. For many harder substances including alcohol, at-home detox kits should never be considered.

Drug detox kits aren’t a complete treatment program

Detox is only the first step of a drug abuse program, leading into psychotherapy, a crucial and much longer portion. Comparatively, detox is minor. A simple cessation of the drug will not result in sobriety without follow-up treatment to unlearn old habits and learn new skills for a healthy life. Additionally, learning new coping mechanisms are paramount to avoiding relapse and creating a sustained sobriety. A healthy and positive living environment, as well as community support, is highly recommended for a new healthy substance-abuse-free life. In psychotherapy, patients are taught to surround themselves with substance-free places and people, a change that often brings about great results. This frequently shows recovering addicts that life without substance abuse is possible and still enjoyable. Individual therapy helps addicts sort through their mental dilemmas and personal issues. Recognizing the importance of healthy family relationships and addiction’s ability to affect all those around it, family therapy is available for those who want it. Many group meetings and community-building with those going through similar struggles are a part of therapy as well. Needless to say, the medication, healthy habit training, variety of therapy, medical assistance, and community building are key parts to starting a life of sustained sobriety you won’t get in a box. If you or a loved one is ready to take the leap to getting efficient and safe addiction treatment, call (877) 262-6566 today and begin your new life.

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