What is Luxury Drug Rehab?

The decision to go through rehab and get your life back in order is a big one for many individuals suffering from addiction. Once you’ve made the choice to go through rehab, however, there’s still a big question remaining: Which center will you use to help you through the process of reclaiming your life? For many, recovering in a luxury drug rehab center is one of the most effective ways to reach sobriety. It’s not a vacation, but it is a more comfortable location that will make it easier to achieve sobriety.

The Luxury Difference

There are two key attributes that set apart luxury drug rehab centers from their counterparts. First and foremost, at luxury centers, patients have access to top-tier doctors and addiction treatment therapists. Second, they’re able to enjoy recovery in a luxurious setting that is specifically geared to help them be more comfortable throughout the process as it reinforces the rewards cycle. These simple differences aren’t necessarily the magical formula to ending drug addiction, but they can help increase the odds of success as patients move forward with their lives.

Top-Tier Doctors: A Defining Characteristic

At luxury drug rehab centers, patients with top-tier doctors and addiction treatment therapists whose goals are improving their odds of success and providing them with the support they need to make it through addiction treatment. This includes:

Access to the latest medications to help make the process of withdrawal easier. Supervised use of medications like Suboxone and Methadone has been shown to offer improved outcomes to these patients, improving their odds of successful treatment.

Use of the latest treatment options. There are always new developments in treatment, and at luxury drug rehab centers, it’s possible to get access to those new treatment options. In many cases, this can increase patient success and make it easier for them to move through the process.

Regular monitoring of any physical symptoms that go along with withdrawal and detox. At luxury rehab centers, there’s a much higher focus on overall comfort–including monitoring of all the symptoms that go along with the process. From blood pressure monitoring to attention to all the details of comfort and more, these top-tier doctors will track symptoms and ensure that patients are receiving all the treatments they need.

Attention to all the details of recovery. Addiction recovery isn’t a single-faceted process. That’s why luxury drug rehab facilities have addiction treatment therapists on hand to observe the entire process and track the goals and needs of the whole patient.

Luxury Drug Rehab Environments

Heading off to a luxury drug detox center isn’t just spending a few weeks at a spa, no matter how popular media might portray it. The process is still going to be work–and for many patients, there will be obstacles standing in the way that may be difficult to overcome. Having a luxury treatment environment, however, can offer a number of key advantages to patients who are genuinely ready to overcome addiction and return to their lives.

Enjoy an enhanced rewards system. At a luxury detox center, patients will receive access to many amenities that activate the pleasure centers of the brain, rewarding them for these new clean behaviors.

Appreciate the comfort of private rooms. At luxury detox centers, patients get their own private rooms, rather than having to share with other patients. This gives the time and space to focus on the patient’s own recovery, rather than being dragged into whatever is going on with a roommate.

Partake in gourmet cooking. There’s nothing quite like sitting down to a gourmet meal where you can enjoy all the flavors and textures that go along with the return of your senses as the rehab process proceeds. The luxury gourmet meals provided by many facilities offer special treats regularly throughout the day. This can be a great way to help put on weight that the patient lost during addiction or to help recover health through a specialized diet.

Enjoy recreational activities. At luxury drug detox centers, you’ll find a wide range of recreational activities to enjoy when you’re not participating in therapy. This can help you develop new hobbies to take the place of the habits you’re leaving behind or simply help fill the hours while you’re at the facility. Several common activities include:

  • Art therapy, which can encompass everything from painting to sculpting
  • Working with a personal trainer to get overall health back on track
  • Adrenaline-filled adventures like rock climbing and ziplining
  • Hiking and fishing in the great outdoors
  • Gardening
  • Exploring literature
  • Board games to play with other patients
  • Plenty of movies to watch
  • An extensive range of health and fitness equipment
  • Horseback riding

What to Expect

Depending on the facility you choose for your drug detox, you may experience a wide difference in amenities. Some treatment facilities engage in alternative treatments, while others stick to more traditional measures. Before selecting a drug detox facility, you’ll also want to look into whether or not the facility offers sober support or follow-up after the detox process is done. The return to normal life can often be jarring and lead to increased struggles, making support essential. Knowing that there’s support available will make it easier to move through those transitions.

Take the time to tour any facility before deciding whether or not it’s the right one for you. Look at the amenities, consult with the staff, and learn more about how the facility operates. You’ll quickly discover, however, what a difference a luxury facility can make. Take a look at the facility’s treatment plans and discover whether or not they align with your wishes and goals. Then, prepare yourself for an experience that is designed to help you get your life back on track.

At a luxury drug detox facility, many patients will discover that they’re able to increase their odds of success and ease the transition back to sobriety. Throughout the process, being supported by the best medical staff within a luxury environment can make it easier to meet your goals and progress down the road to recovery.



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